Stephen holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon. He also studied at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) where he helped fabricate the 2013/14 Research Pavilion, conduct research for the 2014/15 Research Pavilion, and design the Leichtbau BW Installation. Stephen is a Designer and the Studio Design Computation Leader at NBBJ's Columbus, Ohio office.


Leichtbau BW Kiosk

The design of the installation is based on advanced computational design, simulation and fabrication of composite structures. It utilizes new technologies of tailored fiber placement adopted from the aerospace industry in combination with computational design strategies and structural simulation. See project site.

Push | Pull Residence

This private residence overlooks a vineyard outside of Eugene, OR. The house is derived from a series of squares with “broken” (glazed) corners. This play of simple geometric manipulation causes the user to either feel pushed out into the landscape or pulled into the space. Each volume incorporates an “insert” of wood volumes that help to organize the rooms. Construction finished May 2016.

SEED Tower

This tower design is an addition to the existing Eugene Water and Electric Board’s campus in Eugene, Oregon. The tower’s wood laminated structure was developed as a means of understanding the greater city. The building illuminates with data pertaining to the city’s water and electric uses while the wood exoskeleton warps to frame views.

Parabola Table

This coffee is constructed of parabolic planks of walnut-veneer plywood, which were vacuumed formed using the CNC-routed same mold. The two pieces notch together, stabilizing the entire piece. This hardware-less connection was cut by hand. The acrylic tops sit on this walnut bars, which are embedded in the plywood. The piece was displayed at MODERN in Eugene, OR for a one-week exhibition in June 2014.

Proposing Stations

This tool looks at Barcelona’s 22@ district’s transportation systems in relation to open space. It specifically works with Barcelona’s orthogonal RETbus line to place bus stations in relation to the established Bicing bicycle share system and active open spaces along the designated bus line.

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2013/14

This research pavilion showcases the potential of novel design, simulation and fabrication processes in architecture. The focus of the project is a parallel bottom-up design strategy for the biomimetic investigation of natural fiber composite shells and the development of novel robotic fabrication methods for fiber reinforced polymer structures. See project site.